Interested in Some Strange Drug Facts?
How the drugs affect people can be found out when these things occur. It is easy to find out information from a website that in the past decades there have been bizarre things that happened in the name of drug research.
In this website you will be able to discover more info. about some examples of this weird things about drug research. You can click for more in order to view here in this homepage about such examples.
Project Bluebird
Decades ago the CIA wished to develop new interrogation techniques that utilized morphine and LSD. This company used such chemicals in order to be able to make the patients suffer from identity loss and amnesia. After some time when you get more info. on it you will learn that they changed the name of this project to Project Artichoke.
This was one of their actions towards the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In order to carry out this project they got the help of experts from fields such as psychiatry and neuroscience. Now what is strange and bizzare in this project is that a lot of their victims in the testing of this technique happened to be children. This experiment was a secret until the creation of the Freedom of Information Act.
In the late 1880s a professor injected himself with some things that he got from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. The research about the following side effects of it was what created the foundation of Anabolic Steroids. The Nazi wanted to see if they can use this product If you look into it more you will find that they wanted to use it to make the German troops more aggressive for the war.
Once the war was over a chemist made improvements on it to make it better. The resulting steroid has saved a lot of people from severe muscle waste. This led to him being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
3. PCP Warfare
Before the 1960s this drug was used as a surgery anesthetic. When side effects were revealed about it the use of it was stopped. People had mania, delirium and disorientation because of it. The government tried to see if they can then use it as a chemical warfare but the results were unsatisfactory.
4. Heroin
The chemist who found a way to make aspirin was also the one who discovered how to make heroin. The company who employs him sold heroin as suppressant for cough and morphine addiction treatment. But after a few years the dangers of heroin was made public and the company stopped selling them.
5. Opium
During the Victorian era there were a lot of pharmacies who sold opium derivatives to people. Even parents used this to stop their children from crying a lot. However many children who took them got sick or died because of it.
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