How Managers Can Reduce Violence In The Workplace

The act or threat of intimidation, harassment, physical violence or any behaviors that will may you uncomfortable at your workplace is what is termed as workplace violence. Physical acts, psychological harassment and verbal abuse are all form of violence that is experienced in the workplaces. Violence is a common occurrence in organizations that are caused by different factors, and the management needs to find ways of handling it. You need to understand that such cases as violence at work involve even the customer or client who is aggressive or is not contented with the services rendered. Violence has an adverse effect on the organization in terms of productivity, employee relations and even the reputation. If there are policies and rules concerning the work ethics in any organization such cases as violence among employees will never be witnessed. Finding the positive way to get rid of the violence needs to sort out.

Through creation of effective policies that will focus on the safety of employees, cases of violence at the workplace will be controlled. This helps send a message to employees and other members of the organization that any form of violence will be dealt with seriously and not sparingly. The policy should clearly define the acts that the organization considers to be violent, and the repercussions that come with not adhering to it. The best way to mitigate the violent behaviors, is by ensuring that the policies are followed in the best way possible and well as the prosecution of the perpetrators be known to everyone. It is vital for the management to access the workplace and identify factors that make them vulnerable to incidents of violence, this should be done often. Such factors as inappropriate disciplinary actions, increased stress level and inadequate human resource management, as the main causes of violence in the workplaces.

If you fail to include and involve the employees in your workplace violence mitigation plans, there is bound to be more cases as they are the one who understands exactly what should be addressed. Employees should also be provided with safety training for them to be knowledgeable about unacceptable behaviors, how to handle them and avoid falling victims of such incidences. The training should include violence recognition, communication strategies, and safety measures. In order to be successful with the fight against workplace violence, the management should clearly define what should be done in the department levels towards goal achievement. There is need to have a department within the organization that one can confidently report workplace violence and be sure that it will be addressed in the best possible way.

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