Advantages of Mileage and Expense Tracking Technology for Businesses

Companies are unique in many ways, and one of their differences lies in their business vehicle programs. But even with all the technology available, it’s surprising to know that many of them still rely on manual process. So what benefits await those who use mobile mileage tracking?

It is not only convenient but safe as well.

The first and most obvious benefit of using mileage tracking technology is convenience. Similar to any GPS-enabled mobile device, mobile mile tracking apps let us do things that are impossible with those old paper maps. Moreover, these apps keep running in the background, which means you need not look at your phone when you should be fixing your eyes on the road. You also don’t have to log mileages and destination notes manually, sometimes even forgetting where you tossed that piece of paper. With a mobile mileage app, you just turn the thing on, press start and leave it there.

It is guaranteed accurate.

Expenses tend to pile for up for anyone whose job regularly involves traveling. Runzheimer’s 2017 Workforce Mobility Report is clear that people spend an average of $8,480 each year when traveling. Business drivers should be reimbursed for money they have spend from their own pockets, and a mileage tracking app will provide assurance that the app will make accurate calculations and recordings of actual driven miles. This eliminates confusion and even potential conflicts when management finds reason to question a worker’s manual logs.

It relieves some of the stress at work.

Work, as we all know, can be very stressful, particularly when constant traveling is part of the job description. Thus, every opportunity to minimize this stress is always helpful, especially when taxes and IRS compliance are part of the picture. In simple terms, mobile mileage tracking helps ease fears related to non-compliant mileage reimbursement forms, because you can be sure that information is accurate.

It boosts productivity.

While it may seem like logging of business miles isn’t such a huge task, it can add to work-related stress. In fact, it’s these micro-routines that are more challenging to maintain because they are hardly rewarding, to say the least. When the task is automated using mileage technology, people can free up time that they can use to engage in revenue-raising activities increase their overall productivity.

It offers a competitive edge.

When you talk about competition among businesses, efficiency can spell all the difference. Workers using mobile mileage trackers are instantly more efficient – and thus, a step ahead – compared to their other-company equivalents who don’t. This type of task is generally fraught with human error, and automation eliminates all doubts on the data’s accuracy.

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